• Cutting diameter: 16mm
  • Length: 580mm
  • Weight: 2300g

Reliable: unbreakable hardened handles made of forged aluminium with a lifetime guarantee / blades and fastenings in high-quality hardened steel / parts subject to wear and tear can be replaced

Efficient: clean, precise cut without crushing the cable thanks to the triangular cutting system / easy and durable cutting adjustment

Ergonomic: lightweight handles / helpful lever effect / comfortable plastic coating

High-strength blades: Hardened and tempered knives for cutting the strongest of cables.

Triangular cutting action: FELCO's innovative triangular cut allows you to progressively cut cable wires and at the same time avoid squashing of strands. Thanks to this feature, it is generally not necessary to tie the cable before the cut.

Forged aluminum handles: Lightweight, strong and sturdy thanks to special aluminium alloys and advanced precision forging methods. Equipment comes with a lifetime guarantee*.